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STIX-based API for Threat Analysis

Vortex is an API-driven solution that enables users to scan URLs and gather extensive information about them.

It leverages various collectors, extractors, and enrichers to analyze domains, DNS records, hosting details, and web content. The output is a structured STIX bundle, ideal for threat intelligence, cybersecurity analysis, and digital forensics.

Key Features

Comprehensive URL Analysis

Scan URLs for a wide range of data including domain information, DNS records, hosting details, and web content.

Data Extraction and Collection

Utilize various extractors and collectors to gather detailed information about the scanned URLs.

STIX Bundle Generation

Generate a STIX bundle with all the collected data, enabling easy integration with other cybersecurity tools.

Configurable Settings

Customize scan settings including browser dimensions, proxy settings, and geo-location options.

Asynchronous Processing

Benefit from asynchronous processing for efficient handling of multiple scan requests.

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