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Global Takedown Platform

Bridging collaboration between Security Researchers, Hosting Providers and Brands

In an era where digital security is paramount, our Global Takedown Platform stands as a pioneering solution, designed to foster collaboration among security researchers, hosting providers, and brand organizations. This platform serves as a central hub for identifying and mitigating malicious online threats, particularly those targeting corporate brands and their consumers.

By streamlining the process of reporting, notification, and response to malicious links, we empower a proactive approach to digital security.

Key Features

Bounty Incentives for Prompt Action

To encourage expedited responses, brand organizations can place bounties on submitted links. This not only motivates hosting providers to act swiftly but also helps in covering the costs associated with such cybersecurity challenges.

Collaborative Environment

Our platform fosters a community-driven approach, where hosting providers, security experts, and brand representatives work together towards a common goal of digital safety.

Enhanced Security Compliance

By participating in this initiative, all parties demonstrate a strong commitment to cybersecurity, aligning with global standards and regulations.

Real-Time Notifications for Brand Organizations

Companies receive immediate alerts when their brand is under threat. This rapid information flow enables them to act quickly, safeguarding their reputation and customer trust.

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